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Author: Vortech Food Machinery

Polaris Automatic Tray Sealing Machine

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The Polarisis a high speed, fully automatic in-line tray sealer and dome heat sealing machine designed for both standard heat seal and MAP requirements. The pusher bar conveyor system simplifies production lines by removing the need for complex tray collators. Therefore reducing initial costs and also minimising the need for ongoing maintenance without compromising any output capabilities. Available as a standalone machine or as part of a complete line with the option to integrate tray denesters, depositors, volumetric fillers and other…

Olympus Rotary Tray Sealer for Ready Meals Producer

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The ongoing success of our Olympus Rotary Tray Sealing Machine was further enhanced last week when a Belgium based ready meals manufacturer confirmed their order for a second machine. The reliability and economical running costs of the Olympus Rotary Tray Sealing Machine, which has been proven by their existing machine’s performance, was key in the decision to buy another one. The initial Olympus that they purchased was required to seal, heat sealable film onto Aluminium smoothwall foil trays, which are all supplied as…

Tray Sealer Installation For Dessert Pots

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Now completed is the successful installation of a Pot Sealing Machine for top lidding heat seal film onto Dessert Pots for the airline industry. The Polaris Duetto Tray Sealing Machine was integrated into a fully automatic line for filling of the dessert products and is able to consistently deliver between 80 to 100 pots per minute. There are currently two differenttypes of pots, a 65mm round paper pot and the 70mm clear rigid plastic pot. An eight impression tool with…

Poseidon Jolly Semi Automatic Tray Sealer Success Story

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High Street Butchers in Northern Ireland have added real value to their products which has proved to be hugely successful, with a turnkey solution for Foil Trays, Film and Tray Sealing Machinery. So far 12 new machines have been supplied in the last year each one a massive success. Our Poseidon Jolly Bench top Tray Sealer is a simple yet extremely well built machine for heat sealing film onto Aluminium Smoothwall Tray. The package put together includes the machine along with the ongoing supply…

Vortex Cook, Quench, Chill for major UK Pasta Salads Manufacturer successfully installed

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A successful and on time installation of a Vortex Cook Quench Chill line for a major UK pasta salads producer. The brief from this existing customer was to deliver a system that would not only provide extremely high outputs of cooked and chilled pasta but to also reduce water usage per kilo of processed product. The Vortex system was required to cook, quench and chill 1700kg per hour of various pasta shapes to a very high quality with no clumping or…