Tray Sealing & Thermoforming - Automatic - Calypso


The packaging machine of trays Calypso, Calypso Vac available in versions for packaging in vacuum and protective atmosphere (map) and Calypso pack, with only the sealing function of the film, thanks to the solution of the motorized rotary table with 4 stations, it is a great machine hourly productivity and of great versatility.

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Tray Sealing & Thermoforming - Calypso - 4 stations

4 stations with ability to insert a dispenser.

Tray Sealing & Thermoforming - Calypso - Automatic extraction kit

Automatic extraction kit of trays to facilitate the operations of loading and unloading.

Tray Sealing & Thermoforming - Calypso - Remote service via modem industry

Remote service via modem industry.

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  Vacuum & Gas
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