Tray Sealing & Thermoforming - Automatic - Express


The Express tray sealing machine provides inline protective atmosphere packing (MAP) for businesses where floor space is at a premium, such as supermarkets, cash & carry stores and catering butchers.

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Tray Sealing & Thermoforming - Express - Gas buffer tank

Stainless steel gas buffer tank with pressure regulator.

Tray Sealing & Thermoforming - Express - Change tool

Change tool in less than 2 minutes.

Tray Sealing & Thermoforming - Express - PLC touch screen

7.2″ Omron PLC Touch screen, 65,000 display colors, USB port/Ethernet, 99 packaging programs, language selection, integrated temperature control, menu-driven M.A.P. parameters, skin tray and gradual vacuum.

  Skin Technology
  Vacuum & Gas
  Top Seal
  Inside Cut
  Save Gas
  Easy Peel