Tray Sealing & Thermoforming - Semi Automatic - Oceania


The technology used in the larger automatic models is also included in the Oceania Mini. Its features include automatic scrap film rewind, die change without the use of tools, vacuum pump integrated into the chassis and multifunctional control panel.

To view videos of this machine, please CLICK HERE.

Tray Sealing & Thermoforming - Oceania - Tool-less die changing

Tool-less die changing in less than 2 minutes – optional die changing trolley with pre-heating unit.

Tray Sealing & Thermoforming - Oceania - Menu driven electric board

State-of-the-art electric board with up to 10 packaging programs, language selection, integrated temperature control, menu-driven M.A.P. parameters, gradual vacuum and film sealing only.

Tray Sealing & Thermoforming - Oceania - Automatic film rewinder

Automatic film rewinder with programmable film advance for significant film waste reduction. Printed film centering device also available.

Tool-less vacuum chamber

Tool-less vacuum chamber removal ensures high standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

Tray Sealing & Thermoforming - Oceania - Busch vacuum pump

Integrated Busch vacuum pump system 20/40/60 m?/h – optional pumps suitable for high-oxygen packaging percentage (>21% oxygen).

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