Tray Sealing & Thermoforming - Poseidon Gastro

Poseidon Gastro

Poseidon Gastronorme allows for the packing of larger trays up to 390×270, or for several smaller trays to be loaded and packed simultaneously.

Tray Sealing & Thermoforming - Manua - Poseidon Jolly - Ready made meals

Poseidon is especially suited for the packaging of ready-made meals as it can be equipped with trays with several compartments.

Tray Sealing & Thermoforming - Manua - Poseidon Jolly - Film rewind

Film rewind is reliable and safe thanks to a system that was first implemented in 1988 and still today proves to comply with European standards (CE) on safety.

Tray Sealing & Thermoforming - Simultaneous tray packing

It allows for the simultaneous packing of several trays.

Tray Sealing & Thermoforming - Sealing and cutting precision

The attention to tray details and the high quality of the materials used ensure the utmost sealing and cutting precision and deliver maximum reliability even in especially intensive applications.

Tray Sealing & Thermoforming - Teflon coated sealing plates

Teflon-coated sealing plates.

Tray Sealing & Thermoforming - Stainless steel chassis

Heavy duty chassis in stainless steel.

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