Tray Sealing & Thermoforming - Poseidon


Poseidon can seal trays of any size and type by means of a sealable film. It is therefore possible to design the die as required by the client in accordance with the maximum tool dimensions.

Tray Sealing & Thermoforming - Manua - Poseidon - Ready made meals

Poseidon is especially suited for the packaging of ready-made meals as it can be equipped with trays with several compartments

Tray Sealing & Thermoforming - Manual - Poseidon - Mechanical sealing system

Fully mechanical sealing system tested through the years for extensive use

Tray Sealing & Thermoforming - Manual - Poseidon - Stainless steel machine

Full stainless steel machine

Tray Sealing & Thermoforming - Manual - Poseidon - Hermetic sealing

The hermetic sealing allows easy transportation, prevents any product spillage and guarantees excellent hygiene. Using CPET trays and film, food can be heated or cooked in the microwave or traditional oven up to 220 degrees Celsius

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