Polaris Automatic Tray Sealing Machine

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The Polarisis a high speed, fully automatic in-line tray sealer and dome heat sealing machine designed for both standard heat seal and MAP requirements.

The pusher bar conveyor system simplifies production lines by removing the need for complex tray collators. Therefore reducing initial costs and also minimising the need for ongoing maintenance without compromising any output capabilities.

Available as a standalone machine or as part of a complete line with the option to integrate tray denesters, depositors, volumetric fillers and other online equipment all within the PLC control.

Our tooling is strong, durable and is designed with efficiency of performance in mind with the MAP versions able to achieve consistent oxygen residuals of less than 1% if required.

With various formats available, the Polaris can be specified with a single head arrangement through to eight head tools that can deliver outputs of up to 100 packs per minute dependent on the tray size.


For Further information please call the Machinery Sales Office – 0845 258 3003.